Meet Brazen Member: Lindsay Obermeyer, LBO Studio

Welcome to “Meet Brazen Member” an exclusive Brazen series featuring our Brazen Growth Group Members. We are excited to share a little bit of their professional and personal stories with you!

What is LBO Studio?

LBO Studio is a social media agency. We help small business owners maximize their marketing time and dollars, thus providing them with the mental space to focus on their passion. With daily targeted time on social media, you will see an average 25% jump in traffic. At LBO Studio we make you look better online!

What business woman or woman-led business do you admire?

My mother was an entrepreneur. She raised her family while launching two businesses.

What is your favorite quote?

Mine is less a quote rather than a life philosophy. I live by The Golden Rule or law of reciprocity is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated.

One skill you’d like to learn this year?

I’d like to learn how to use 3D printers

Which of your personal attributes do you think equips you the most to be an entrepreneur?

I love challenges of all types.

How do you relax after a long day?

I love to crochet while watching Gilmore Girls.

What is your favorite piece of business advice?

Believe in yourself. I have to remind myself of this one upon occasion.

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