My Pizza & Pasta Entrepreneurship Story with Katie Collier

“I’m a restless entrepreneur. I’ve never settled. I want to keep pushing and keep innovating and keep doing stuff.”


Katie Collier, Chef/Co-Owner of Katie’s Pizza & Pasta and Vero Pizza & Pasta, hosted a Brazen Immersion event for our Brazen members and it was amazing to say the least! 


Brazen Immersion events let us have more discussion with our host entrepreneur and each other, talk in more specifics about individual businesses and ask really honest questions. Katie has just made a pivot in her business to a meal delivery service Vero, so it was great to get to meet at her warehouse.


We got a tour of the kitchen and operations and she kindly offered some delicious food. Our conversation was casual and educational. Katie told us her story, how she got interested in Italian cooking and pizza making, how she got started, the bumps along the way, how she grew and what she’s up to now.


“My partner taught me about being fearless and learning how to ask people for things.”


“I really don’t care about how much money we’re making right now (as long as we can pay our staff and bills). I just care about growing.”


Katie’s businesses have 120 employees, and are about to hire 150 more. She’s learned a lot about how to lead people and cites culture as the most important thing and hiring people who believe in the company’s vision.


She says that entrepreneurs should lead the people who believe in their dream. They are crazy to they need team members who are going to get behind the craziness.


Katie’s tips & advice:

-Listen to the reviews but don’t get down about it. Just keep going. Keep going and make it better.

-Keep pivoting. Listen to your customer and give them what they want. Keep changing but try not to panic and change too much.

-It’s always the tough people who keep trying through the failures she eventually make it.

-Practice patience.


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Photo Credit: Jonathan Veith