Being Brazen with Whitney Jones

Whitney Jones has no regrets stepping out of her comfort zone and finally following her passion. Her advice for others who haven’t yet pursued their ideas? Just do it!

When I had my Brazen moment I was in business for 5 months. It was April 2016 and I was finishing senior year of my bachelor’s degree at Columbia College. As a business woman, I was still wondering if Liv & Kiss would work. I knew it was a good idea but wasn’t sure it would actually work.


Right before the Columbia College Student Entrepreneur Showcase, I was in the hallway with three beautiful models wearing Liv and Kiss. I was repeatedly going over my pitch to make sure I had it down. All of the other presenters were walking around looking nervous and scared. It felt like an eternity but they finally called my name, “Whitney Jones of Liv & Kiss.” I said my prayers, made sure my lipstick was perfect, and walked into the auditorium with my head held high. I introduced myself and I gave my pitch. The judges started asking questions and I answered them the best way I knew how. Once I was finished the audience was clapping and I received a standing ovation. I thought to myself, “OK Whitney, you did an amazing job! High five! THANK YOU GOD!”


I was so happy, I was so excited, and I felt like I could take over the world. It felt so right and felt like this is what I should be doing the rest of my life. I ended up winning third place and receiving funds for my business.


This moment was beyond scary because it was the first time that I went out of town, stood in a room full of strangers, and told them about my business. It felt scary at the time, but looking back I am excited to think about it because I was actually living my dream. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to do this because I know have a great feeling of peace when I do anything pertaining to my business.


I’ve always said that when I turn 80 years old, I’m going to look back on my life and have no regrets. I have a list that I’m going to complete, and “being a business owner” is already checked off. I have a list that I’m going to complete and being a business owner is checked on my list.


Advice that I have for other women entrepreneurs is to try whatever it is you want to do! If it fails, so what!? At least you tried. If you’re young, do it now. Being young is no excuse. As you get older and maybe get married or have children, it might get harder to follow your dreams. If you’re wiser in age, still do it! Start your business or do that thing that you have been putting off for a long time. Who knows? What you want to build could take off and you would be working with your passion every day.


Have faith in yourself and don’t worry too much about having a support system. God didn’t give your dream to someone else; he gave it to you! Others might not understand your vision. You have to be your biggest supporter and remember: If you don’t believe in it, no one will believe in it!


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Whitney Jones is the owner of Liv & Kiss, a women’s apparel line that caters to women sizes 14 to 32. All of the garments that Liv & Kiss offers are designed, constructed and produced in St. Louis. Liv & Kiss makes sure that all of the garments they offer will transition with whatever is on the schedule. So if you have a meeting or parent teacher conferences after work, your Liv & Kiss garment will keep you comfortable and fashionable throughout the entire day.