10 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter


As entrepreneurs, sometimes our days are too busy to read an entire news article. Or maybe our brain is just too full to dive deep into a certain topic. This is when we turn to Twitter, our handy guide for easily digestible bits of info from the sources we want to hear from the most.


We’ve made a list of some movers and shakers who are doing big, brave, amazing things and who we love to follow on Twitter: 


Kathryn Minshew @kmin
Founder, The Muse
Tweets about branding, personnel and company culture.


Laura Weidman Powers @laurawp
Co-Founder & CEO, Code2040
Tweets about economic inequity, the technology sector and social innovation.


Daniele Fong @DanielleFong
Cofounder & Chief Scientist, LightSail Energy
Tweets about science and the energy sector.


Kris Colvin @KrisColvin
Foudner, FreshID
Tweets about user interface, design and branding.


Jennifer Ehlen @jenniferehlen
Founder & CEO, Brazen Global
Tweets about investing, raising capital and business strategies for growth.


Sheila Lirio Marcelo @smarcelo
Founder, Care.com
Tweets about technology and women in businesses.


Jessica Mah @jessicamah
Co-Founder & CEO, InDinero.com
Tweets about product architecture, fundraising and growing her company.


Rashmi Sinha @rashmi
Founder, Slideshare
Tweets about ther experience building and selling her company, marketing and social media best practices.


Natalia Oberti Noguera @nakisnakis
Founder & CEP, Pipeline Angels
Tweets about raising capital, investing and non-binary entrepreneurs.


Aimee Dunne @aimeeinstl
Co-Founder & COO, Brazen Global
Tweets about gender parity and business strategies to grow.


Do you already follow any of these women? Tweet at us @BrazenGlobal and let us know who you love to follow!