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Best Business Advice from your Sister CEOs

Sister CEO

We know that sometimes it might be hard to follow your own great advice, especially when you’re running a business and have a million other things to think about. And listening to the well-intended but misguided (or even clueless!) business advice from your great aunt, third cousin, or man behind you in the grocery store checkout line? Forget about it!


But what about taking the advice of other female entrepreneurs who are in your shoes? They’ve been there, done that, and have similar experiences with enough differences to provide a new perspective.


We’ve asked some female entrepreneurs for their best piece of business advice and compiled them here to share with you. Maybe you already follow some of these pieces of advice, maybe you’ve heard some of them before, or maybe some are brand new, but we think learning from a network of other women entrepreneurs is invaluable in growing your own business. Got some good business advice of your own? Send us a tweet with your favorites!


“Don’t under price yourself.  I used to tell other small business people this all of the time, but it is still very difficult to take my own advice.” Cyndi Demick, Owner and President of Mamakea, Inc.


“Take 25% of every sale and set it aside for taxes. I wish I had followed this advice. I would have saved myself a lot of pain.” Susan Stewart, Owner of Perfectly Placed.


“Be productive, but don’t forget to have fun.” Katy Thomas, Founder of GiG{a}BiT Rocks.             


“Don’t give up. So simple, but so necessary to remember.” Chrissy Fogerty, Owner and Designer at Fauxgerty.  


“Fake it until you make it.” Kim Moos, Founder of Cotton Cuts.  


“Believe in yourself. I have to remind myself of this one upon occasion.” Lindsey Obermeyer, Founder of LBO Studio.    


“JDI (Just do it!)” Ronke Faleti, Founder of Korede


“Hire for talent that is better than the business needs right now.” Mary Jo Gorman, Board Member and Interim CEO, TripleCare.


“Build yourself and your business model for longevity.” Lindsay Austin, Founder and CEO of TapePlay.