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What Would You do with an Extra Hour Each Day?

Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend, which means we lose an extra hour of our day on Sunday. But what if we could all be given an extra hour in the day, every day? How would you spend the extra time?


We asked some busy Brazen Members what they would do with an extra hour of their day and do you know what the common thread to their responses was? None of their answers had anything to do with working yet another hour in the day! They all said the extra time would be put towards doing something for themselves or their families.


Maybe it’s a sign that we female entrepreneurs need to take some time for ourselves! Close those laptops, and turn off notifications. It’s time for you to relax and rejuvenate so you can wake up tomorrow ready to dominate the world.


Here’s what our members would do if gifted an extra hour each day:


“Read for pleasure.”
Cyndi Demick, Owner and President of Mamakea, Inc


“Prayer or quiet time in the morning before everyone else gets up in the morning. It would help me better prepare for my day.”
Susan Stewart, Owner of Perfectly Placed


“Read or spend time with family and friends.”
Katy Thomas, Founder of GiG{a}BiT Rocks


“Likely, sleep.”
Chrissy Fogerty, Owner and Designer of Fauxgerty


“Read Harry Potter to my kids.”
Kim Moos, Founder of Cotton Cuts


“Make art.”
Lindsey Obermeyer, Founder of LBO Studio


“Wrestle with my kids and my husband.”
Ronke Faleti, Founder of Korede


Mary Jo Gorman, Lead Managing Partner of Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator


Lindsay Austin, Founder and CEO of TapePlay


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