When Inspiration Strikes


Ideas and inspiration can strike at any time but actually sitting down to come up with something new can be daunting or feel like an endless stage of mental block. And when an idea does come to you, then how do you even know if it’s a good idea?


Many great business start with an “ah ha!” moment. After all, entrepreneurs have to get their ideas from somewhere. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut and inspiration hasn’t struck in a while. Where can you find it? We checked in with a few bad ass boss ladies to find out the inspiration behind their business ideas. 


“As a former collegiate athlete who used video to play at the next level, I started TapePlay after seeing a lack of video use for athletic exposure in the post-YouTube era. Athletes depend on family, friends, or teams/organizations to capture their performances for scouting, recruiting, instructing, or memorabilia purposes. This results in low quality video or no video at all.” Lindsay Austin, Founder and CEO of TapePlay    


“My inspiration is to do meaningful work, to make a difference in the community.” Laurna Godwin, Owner and President of Vector Communications


“The big picture inspiration was when I was laid off for the fourth time in my career. I want to have more control over my own destiny. When I started to look for ways to go into business for myself and asked myself “what do I enjoy doing?”, it was a joke to say assembling furniture.  But as I researched it I found that other metro areas with an IKEA actually did have similar businesses.” Cyndi Demick, Owner and President of Mamakea, Inc


“My husband and all the wonderful musicians I’ve encountered as a result of him. Indie musicians work so hard. They are writing, practicing, recording, hauling gear, planning, and also holding down full time jobs to pay the bills. I wanted to create something that would save them time, create more reliable revenue and ultimately make being a full-time musician a reality.” Katy Thomas, Founder of GiG{a}BiT Rocks           


“Life as a mother.” Ronke Faleti, Founder of Korede             


“I wanted to help friends and colleagues succeed in their respective businesses.” Lindsey Obermeyer, Founder of LBO Studio       


“I was looking for a company that does what Cotton Cuts does, but couldn’t find one so I started my own. I wanted to create jobs (instead of all the job cutting I’ve seen in corporate America) and partnered with a local sheltered workshop.” Kim Moos, Founder of Cotton Cuts                        


“Helping career professionals gain insight, knowledge, tools and skills to address their career concerns is something I really love and enjoy. It is energizing and fulfilling when a client realizes they can do something about their career concern and that they are not stuck. I tell my clients, “your career concern matters, let’s do something about it.” Helping others find meaning and purpose in what they do, is the inspiration behind my business. I love it!” Catherine Nkonge, Owner of Hazina Career Services