Meet Your Director: Bonnie Bogle, Brazen Philly

Author Bonnie Bogle Published April 24, 2018

Brazen Global is excited to introduce Bonnie Bogle, the new Director of Brazen Philadelphia! 


When you decide to take the leap and start your own business, it’s because you’re passionate about what you’re doing – whether that’s building a new product that will makes lives easier, disrupting a broken industry, or providing a service better than what you can get today. It’s almost never because you’re *really* excited about taking on the day-to-day of running your own business, and rarely because you feel oh so prepared to do so.


That’s why what Brazen provides is so important — it helps you figure out the nuts and bolts of running your business, so you can get back to building your company.


I know this firsthand. I was 23 when I started my first company with some friends from college.  I had never taken a business class, but I had a pretty good resume…for a journalist. “Business” was not in my repertoire, but I was passionate — I wanted to modernize the technology that nonprofits and international development organizations were using so they could do their work better. Learning the basics of accounting and employment law was simply a step along the way to help humanitarian organizations better understand their resources to respond to disasters, or for international observers to monitor contentious elections in countries like Afghanistan. There is a lot to figure out in running a business — I rarely felt confident that I was taking care of everything I needed to, and I did a *lot* of Googling along the way.


Running a business is hard. As you grow, it only becomes more stressful. After years of slowly growing a consulting business, my co-founders and I decided to do something crazy and see if a mapping product we’d been building on the side could make it big. We created a new company called Mapbox and went after VC funding.  Eight long months later, we closed on our Series A funding.


Then we grew — we doubled the size of our team that year (and every year after), added new offices as we needed them, and kept building our product and going after new users. It was my job to figure out how to best grow — and take care of our team and the business as we did. Every new stage the company hit meant new challenges, and the best solutions were tailored to who we were as a company that day – which, of course, was constantly changing. When I exited Mapbox last year, our team was 225 people, we had five offices in the US and around the world, and our maps were being used by companies like Snap Chat and the Weather Channel.


In all, I spent 10 years running operations for two very different startups. When I look back, I think about how much easier it would have been — and how much faster we could have grown the companies — if I had a community to talk through all the questions I had, and if I had more support from people who had built companies before. This is why I’m so excited to bring Brazen to Philadelphia and provide this to entrepreneurs as they start and scale their businesses.


Philadelphia is full of people starting truly creative companies — from our amazing local restaurants to products revolutionizing healthcare and cancer treatment. I can’t wait for Brazen to be up and running and supporting our women entrepreneurs, and to see what we can all do together. We’re a city of champions, the sky is the limit.


Philadelphia just got a lot more BrazenCLICK HERE to become a Member today. To schedule office hours with Bonnie and learn more about Brazen Philly, CLICK HERE. Keep in touch with Brazen Philly happenings on Facebook and Twitter and Brazen Global on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

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