Meet Your Director: Jasmin Brand, Brazen Dallas-Fort Worth

Author Jasmin Brand Published April 24, 2018

Brazen Global is excited to introduce Jasmin Brand, the new Director of Brazen Dallas-Fort Worth! 

Jasmin Brand Brazen DFW


I started my first business by accident, really. I was laid off and not sure what my next career move would be. I started consulting and landed my first client. For the first time in my professional life, I experienced what true freedom felt like and quickly realized that I could never go back to working in a corporate setting ever again. I was a business owner and proud of it! The sky was my only limit and if I worked really hard, my entrepreneurial dreams could come true.


It’s been a decade since that very first client, but I can still remember the excitement. It feels like it was yesterday.


Despite the challenges that come with starting a business, there is something powerful about not having a corporate glass ceiling when it comes to achieving your aspirations.  Over the last ten years, it’s been my mission to help other women feel this freedom too.


Throughout my different business ventures, I have attended my fair share of networking events and have joined countless organizations and groups dedicated to supporting women in business. While I met some incredible people and learned new things, it always felt like there was still something missing for me.


The instant I learned about Brazen, I knew that I had to be involved in some way and that Texas women needed this incredible organization now more than ever.


Brazen is unlike anything that I have ever been a part of. Finally, an organization for women that proudly and boldly leads with a “business first” approach.  And this is exactly what has been missing here in Dallas-Fort Worth.


I’ve witnessed an uptick in the number of women starting businesses in the Metroplex, which is exciting. Women are increasingly feeling inspired and empowered to create businesses and become CEOs. But there comes a point in your journey when you’re ready to move past the “honeymoon” phase with your company and get down to business. That moment when success is truly calling your name and you’re ready to take your company to the next level. You need more than inspiration and empowerment to make this happen. Brazen is the solution.


As the CEO of Launch DFW, a Texas based digital media company on a mission to celebrate and support the North Texas startup community, I know firsthand the brilliance and sheer fortitude that Texas businesswomen possess. It’s not a coincidence that the Lone Star State is leading the way nationally when it comes to the number of women-owned businesses starting every year.  The time is now to help these women succeed in a big way.


I am excited to see the impact that Brazen will have, not just with female entrepreneurs, but with the entire community in general. It’s time for Dallas-Fort Worth to get Brazen. Join us!


Dallas-Fort Worth just got a lot more BrazenCLICK HERE to become a Member today. To schedule office hours with Jasmin and learn more about Brazen DFW, CLICK HERE. Keep in touch with Brazen DFW happenings on Facebook  and Twitter and Brazen Global on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

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