Meet Your Director: Olivia Omega, Brazen Denver

Author Olivia Omega Published April 24, 2018

Brazen Global is excited to introduce Olivia Omega, the new Director of Brazen Denver! 

Olivia Omega Brazen Denver


Brazen is coming to Denver! And I’m honored and elated to lead the charge! What this means for me is a new and exciting extension of the work I’m already doing to help local women entrepreneurs build authentic brands and businesses. I literally prayed for the opportunity to impact even more women, and Brazen was the perfectly-timed answer. Brazen will provide Denver with a powerful resource that curates the tools and knowledge necessary for women entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses.


My entrepreneurial journey began at a young age. Being homeschooled in Denver gave my mom the opportunity to teach me how to sew. For my very first business, I handmade outfitted, stuffed animals (think Build-A-Bear Workshop before its time and run by a kid). Then, after many years at an advertising agency, I started a business where my knack for marketing and making things landed my goods on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This sparked my desire to support other women entrepreneurs through branding coaching and consulting.


My unique entrepreneurial journey allowed me to be both on the field and in the stands (que sports analogy). I’ve been both the business owner receiving encouragement from others, and the cheerleader giving out smiles and toe touches in support. As an entrepreneur and advocate for women in business, my cheerleading skills have been a great asset, but on their own they’ve never quite paid the bills. I tried my hand at high school and college cheerleading. It was short lived, but I learned a lot, including the importance of the roles of a cheerleader versus a coach.


We cheered when we won and we cheered when we lost. We were supposed cheer just as hard when we made a good play as when we made bad ones (which was often). What about when the plays aren’t working? What happens when the business model is flawed, when the funding isn’t there and when we’re down by 20 points at half time? Cheers will help us keep going, but they won’t fix what may be broken. At the end of the day, as much as I believe the players appreciated our encouragement, what they really needed to succeed was great coaching, training and the support of their teammates. This is what Brazen offers our community.


I’m beyond excited to help pioneer an organization that is dedicated to seeing Denver’s women entrepreneurs grow in an incredible way, with “business focused” programming…a little less cheering and a lot more tangible support, like growth tools and access to expert resources. Brazen was exactly what I needed when I first launched, when I started to plateau, when I wanted to grow, and when I needed to scale. I believe that Brazen will take this city to heights unimaginable. And I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves.


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