Software Tools for Efficiency & Scale

Brazen St. Louis was thrilled to host our very first Software Tools Event on Wednesday, June 27th! We kicked off the evening with a warm welcome from our Executive Director, Mindy Mazur, who introduced our wonderful tech experts: Alex Haimann from Less Annoying CRM, Mayda Barsumyan & Amiee Mertz from Technology Partners, and Jennifer Ehlen & Aimee Dunne from Brazen Global. They volunteered their time to help our hardworking sister CEOs learn various software programs* that they could integrate into their companies.  

It was a two block session event with a “crash course” in 5 different sample platforms from which to choose. Even if you couldn’t make it to the event, consider the following tools to more efficiently run your business: 


Customer Relationship Management (also know as a CRM) – Alex Haimann gave a brief demo of Less Annoying CRM, a tool to help track customers and potential customers in your sales pipeline. If you have lists in a million places, post-its out the wazoo or a stack of business cards gathering dust, a CRM could help you more efficiently connect with your customers.


A Better Way to Schedule – How many emails and hours have you wasted trying to align schedules and book meetings? Tools like Calendly can take the pain and time out of bookings.


Project Management – If you’re looking to get your to-do’s better organized and prioritized, Trello can help. Mayda Barsumyan & Amiee Mertz showed us how Trello’s projects using boards, lists and cards can keep projects on track.


One Stop Solution  – G Suite offers a better way to connect, create, access and control to business basics like email, documents and spreadsheets, all in one suite.


Information Gathering and Surveys – If your business requires to collect customer information or you’re looking to survey users, Typeform offers an easy-to-use solution and elegant consumer interface.




At the end of the event, it was unanimous — everyone learned something new and beneficial that they could apply to their business… and many were left wanting more.  We’re already thinking about setting up our next software tools event. Stay tuned! And as always #BeBold & #BeBrazen because #YoureTheCEO and #YouGotThis !


*Brazen St. Louis does not endorse any particular platform, but aims to introduce representative technologies and solutions to our members.


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