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Five Tips to Choose SMART Marketing Strategies

Sharell Weeams is a marketing coach and Founding Committee Member with Brazen DFW. Through her business, Sharell Weeams Coaching, she helps small business owners, like coaches, consultants and service professionals, get big business marketing results—without hustling 80+ hours to do it—by using SMART marketing strategies.


Sharell Weeams Coaching


Let’s face it, one of the hardest parts of launching and scaling a small business is the balancing act between finding time to market your business and actually completing client work.


Since current clients SHOULD always come first—plus that’s your zone of genius (not marketing)—marketing always tends to fall by the wayside.


Honestly, the same happens to us “professional marketers.” We’re often so busy taking care of clients that we neglect our own businesses. (I’m guilty as charged. Can you relate?)


It’s critical to implement SMART marketing strategies to get the most bang out of your buck and time.



The key to CONSISTENTLY attracting new leads and clients is having a systematic, step-by-step marketing process to follow.


Without it, you’ll find yourself either not doing anything or trying to do everything, both of which tend to lead to the same result—NOT MUCH!


The key here is to make a conscious choice and decide which marketing activities will get the most leverage for your business and then map out the exact steps you need to take to achieve your desired result.



This is an often-overlooked part of the marketing process. The only way to effectively market your business is to have a way to measure your progress and track your results. It’s impossible to know if what you are doing is working or not, or to be able to identify the areas that need improvement, if you aren’t measuring your results.


Your marketing process is simply a series of steps that lead people to a desired result that you want them to take. This is called a marketing funnel. And almost every step in the marketing funnel can be measured.


Understanding your desired result for each step and how to measure it is necessary in order to truly scale your marketing efforts.



Every piece of marketing that you do should have a direct “call to action” that leads potential clients to a clear next step you want them to take.


This is the key difference between what most people do (just throwing content out, hoping that someone catches it) and what effective marketers do (consciously directing your audience and leading them through each step of your marketing funnel).


With each piece of content you create, always begin with the end in mind. Shape your content based on the end game—the desired action that you want people to take … whether it’s to open an email, click on a link, schedule a phone call, view a sales page, purchase an offer, etc.



There are certain tasks that you will do in your business that are constantly repeated—either throughout your marketing, sales or client onboarding processes.


Most tasks that are consistently repeated and completed manually can be automated. For instance, you can automate marketing emails, new client onboarding communications and scheduling sales conversations.


Automate as much of your business as possible to free your time to work ON your business and not IN your business.



This step saves small business owners the most time and money. It allows you to truly “get it all done.” And it’s one of the most important factors to consider when deciding which marketing strategies to implement.


You want to implement strategies that you can transform and repurpose, so you get the most leverage out of your efforts.


You should be able to transform your marketing content into different delivery models (i.e. turning a live webinar into an automated webinar, into an offline speaking presentation and then into an e-book).


You should also be able to transform your marketing content to be used on different platforms (i.e. turning a Facebook live into a YouTube video, then turning the YouTube video into a Vlog on your website, and then turning the Vlog into a written blog post).


And finally, you should be able to deliver your content to many people at one time (i.e. broadcasting a webinar, podcast or livestream interview, or speaking at a small or large in-person event).


SMART marketing strategies allow you to gain more time, freedom, leads and clients without having to do extra work. It also allows you to grow your list, market your business and build your community … all at the same time!



Sharell Weeams is on a mission to show you that you can have all the leads, clients and income you want—without limits.


She ditched a cushy corporate job to start her own business in 2013 and soon found herself steamrolled by the never-ending to-do list as a “solopreneur.” But instead of cracking under the pressure of a growing business, she decided to create innovative systems and structures, truly eliminating the road blocks, bottlenecks and full-on breakdowns that so many service providers face.


From her 12 years of in-the-field marketing experience to the astonishing $100 million in revenue she’s made for her clients, she’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that when your faith is big enough, you are truly limitless.


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