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Be Seen Brunch: Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs of Color

Today, so many connections were made between women of varying nationalities, ethnicities, color, and creed. But most importantly, black and brown women were heard and seen.

Meet Brazen Member

Meet Brazen Member: Catherine Nkonge

Owner, Hazina Career Services

I am self-driven. You have to be able to push yourself to get things done because no one is coming around to make sure you get them done.

Event Recap

Be Seen Brunch: Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs of Color

Today, so many connections were made between women of varying nationalities, ethnicities, color, and creed. But most importantly, black and brown wome...

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What Would You do with an Extra Hour Each Day?

Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend, which means we lose an extra hour of our day on Sunday. But what if we could all be given an extra hour in ...

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How to Successfully Pitch at a Networking Event

Knowing your pitch and setting goals for the interaction will make you more comfortable and confident as you engage people in your idea.

pitch networking event
Meet Brazen Member

Meet Brazen Member: Katy Thomas

Founder, GiG{a}BiT Rocks

Katy Thomas is the founder of GiG{a}BiT Rocks, a tour planning platform for independent artists. It can be utilized for a "power weekend", national, a...

GiG{a}BiT Rocks Founder
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Seek Out Feedback Even When It’s Tough

Why listen to feedback from others? They might know something you don’t. Never stop seeking feedback on your business.

Event Recap

New Year Financial Management for Entrepreneurs

Brazen St. Louis hosted a member roundtable to discuss best practices for managing finances in the new year to meet financial and business goals.

New Year Financial Management for Entrepreneurs
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Best Business Advice from your Sister CEOs

Maybe you already follow some of these pieces of advice, maybe you’ve heard some of them before, or maybe some are brand new, but we think learning ...

Sister CEO
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Is My Idea Any Good? Questions Entrepreneurs Ask Themselves

Just as there is a difference between an idea and a product, there is a difference between an innovation and a scalable business. Something might be ...

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Marketing for the Entrepreneur: Doing More With Less

Director of Marketing & Practice Growth, Mueller Prost CPAs + Business Advisors

Determining Spend to Market a Women-Owned Business

Kate Ewing Mueller Prost Marketing
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Get Moving in the New Year

Entrepreneurs often have so many ideas that it’s difficult to pick one and get started. But the upside of that entrepreneurial spirit is that you a...


Family Member’s Need Sparks Idea for Beauty App

Rica Elysee, Founder & CEO of BeautyLynk

I have been treated differently because I am a Black woman....It was hard at first to ignore, but now I use it as my power to move forward and be a ro...

Rica Elysee
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Tips For Closing Out Your Year

Lynnae Robinson, Manager, RubinBrown LLP

Accounting expert Lynnae Robinson weighs in with some habits to adapt and tips to remembers that make your end of year accounting (and tax season!) so...

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12 Days of Brazen: Your Holiday Shopping Guide

Check out our curated holiday gift guide featuring products from Brazen Women Entrepreneurs.


Proud to be Brazen: Introducing Mindy Mazur, Brazen STL’s New Executive Director

Mindy Mazur, Executive Director of Brazen St. Louis

I have spent my entire career either directly or tangentially working for gender equity, which simply won’t happen without the economic empowerment ...

Mindy Mazur
Top Tips

10 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

Sometimes we’re just too busy to digest more than tweet-sized news! Who are 10 women entrepreneurs we love to follow?


Genuine Relationships with Teammates lead to Support, Exploration, and Accountability

Meridith Unger, Founder & CEO of Nix

If a new candidate can communicate with me with confidence and vulnerability at the same time, that's a great sign. This is more important to me than ...


Using Experience and Expertise to Craft a Business Set for Success

Retta Leritz, Founder of Retta le Ritz

From the start, I am going to be more mindful of cash flow. I also am utilizing real metric systems to capture data - instead of just assuming things ...


People and Planning Over Profits

Lisa Nichols, CEO of Technology Partners

This is the only way to do business and build a business that is sustainable. If we cannot create a win-win-win, then we are not interested.

Meet Brazen Member

Meet Brazen Member: Susan Stewart

Owner of Perfectly Placed

Perfectly Placed provides professional organizing services that eliminate clutter and find the perfect place for everything in your home so you can fo...


Be Fearless in Your Fundraising

Stephanie Leffler, CEO of OneSpace

The reality is that you might go and see ten potential investors and nine of them might not like your idea at all, but all you need is one. I believe ...

Event Recap

So You Think You’re Not Tech?

So you think you're not "tech?" Think again! Brazen Members has the opportunity to meet and speak with Lisa Nichols of Technology Partners, who debunk...


Fighting the Patriarchy

Author of Feminist Fight Club and New York Times contributing writer

Jessica Bennett, author of Feminist Fight Club, and New York Times contributing writer, was recently in St. Louis for the Women’s FoundationR...

Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Whitney Jones

Director, Design and Product Development for Liv and Kiss

It felt scary at the time, but looking back I am excited to think about it because I was actually living my dream.

Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Kelly O’Malley

Kelly O'Malley, Principal at O'Malley Hansen Communications

It didn’t feel like work. I was building a brand and an organization exactly how I envisioned it. I took the best of the three organizations I had w...


Building a Team to Help Drive Success

Krista Clement, CEO of Helper Helper

The culture at Helper Helper is unique. Our team is dynamic so when we hire someone it's important for the team to feel that his/her values align with...

Meet Brazen Member

Meet Brazen Member: Cyndi Demick

President and Owner of Mamakea, Inc.

Mamakea provides in-home assembly of flat-pack (ready to assemble) furniture such as IKEA, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, and Target.


Everyone Has to Have the ‘Sparkle’

Tricia Zimmer Ferguson, Owner and President of Kaldi’s Coffee

It's more important to hire people who are culture fits even over skill set. There are a lot of people out there with every skill set, but not as many...

Event Recap

Food: Getting on the Shelves

Last week’s Brazen Immersion event included so much great insider info, that we are filling this recap with tons of tips and advice from the spe...

Being Brazen

Bring Brazen with Keisha Mabry

Founder + Creator of The Connection Currator

My coach had called my baby ugly and I didn’t like it but I needed it.


Healthcare Product Innovation for Parents and Babies

Agnes Scoville, Founder and CEO of AGGIE MD

I thought we would license Pacidose to a larger company. But then the sales and accolades started adding up, and I realized the potential for a whole ...


Beth Handrigan on the Importance of Networks and Date Nights

CEO of Lean Media

I am confident that I am raising two independent girls that have learned to solve problems on their own and that see the sky as the limit when it come...

Event Recap

My Pizza & Pasta Entrepreneurship Story with Katie Collier

I’m a restless entrepreneur. I’ve never settled. I want to keep pushing and keep innovating and keep doing stuff.

Event Recap

Stories of Moving Forward Despite Our Fear

Our first Brazen St. Louis Member event was last night and we think it couldn’t have been more Brazen! We were pumped to see so many women entre...


Strategizing for Growth & Innovation with Alaina Macia

President and CEO of MTM, Inc. and Ride Right, LLC

We closely watch where the industry is heading. Innovation is key – if you aren’t evolving, you are dying.

Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Laurna Godwin

Owner & President at Vector Communications Corporation

Taking on this project both scared and excited me. I had never done this type of work before and to me failure was not an option


Perseverance and Sincerity are Keys to Success

Talia Goldfarb, Owner of Myself Belts

An entrepreneur must always seek knowledge and expertise from others. Mentors, fellow business owners, books, blogs, etc. provide necessary wisdom in ...

Women Entrepreneurs: It’s Time to Be Brazen

Brazen CEO and Brazen Senior Vice President of National Programs

It is that very bold, unapologetic energy that we hope to instill in growth-seeking women entrepreneurs around the world through our programs and serv...

Meet Brazen Member

Meet Brazen Member: Ronke Faleti, Kulumama

Founder of Kulumama

Being the boss has a lot of responsibility…creating a vision that people can follow is an honor I don’t take lightly.


Lessons on Success: When to Celebrate & When to Work Harder

Stephanie Feltus, Founder & CEO of My Robyn

Leaning on experts and being transparent with your issues gets you where you need to be faster.

Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Mary Jo Gorman

Lead Managing Partner of Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Startup Accelerator

It was pretty brazen to think that I could challenge the established conservative hierarchy at the hospital and win.

Meet Brazen Member

Meet Brazen Member: Chrissy Fogerty, Fauxgerty

Founder of Fauxgerty

I really wanted to be a positive influencer in whatever path I chose in life. Bringing a mindful mission to fashion allowed me to partake in an indust...


Disrupting the Establishment

Jennifer Rosenblatt, CEO and Cofounder of MusicSpoke

Success is building a profitable, sustainable business that does good things for all of its stakeholders.

Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Holly Cunningham

President of Nourish and Hollyberry Baking and Catering Company

Good business is like a good marriage; you want to hold onto and remember the first feelings of falling in love so that when hard times come, those fe...

Meet Brazen Member

Meet Brazen Member: Lindsay Obermeyer, LBO Studio

Founder of LBO Studio

I live by The Golden Rule or law of reciprocity is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated.

Meet Brazen Member

Meet Brazen Member: Kim Moos, Cotton Cuts

Founder of Cotton Cuts

Cotton Cuts is the first and only online provider of fabric for quilters delivering fabric customized to your preferences, every month.