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How Do You Build Your Network?

Aimee Dunne, co-founder and COO at Brazen Global

As an entrepreneur, you’ve heard about the importance of networking. But how do you actually do it?

Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Joy Kirven

CEO of Zarcode

Tech CEO, Joy Kirven, tells us how the decision to attend one event changed her career path and kickstarted her entrepreneurial journey.

Joy Kirven
Being Brazen

Being Brazen with KT Speetzen

CEO of Mother Cluckers Comedy, LLC

Tenacity and daring to do things differently. KT Speetzen, of Mother Cluckers Comedy, LLC, tells us how she used these two “superpowers” to go fro...

KT Speetzen
Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Shayba Muhammad

Founder and Designer at Mahnal Jewelry

The entire competition process kept me on the edge with just the right amount of stress (the healthy kind that kicks you into action) and humbleness.

Shayba Muhammad
Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Whitney Jones

Director, Design and Product Development for Liv and Kiss

It felt scary at the time, but looking back I am excited to think about it because I was actually living my dream.

Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Kelly O’Malley

Kelly O'Malley, Principal at O'Malley Hansen Communications

It didn’t feel like work. I was building a brand and an organization exactly how I envisioned it. I took the best of the three organizations I had w...

Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Keisha Mabry

Founder + Creator of The Connection Currator

My coach had called my baby ugly and I didn’t like it but I needed it.

Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Laurna Godwin

Owner & President at Vector Communications Corporation

Taking on this project both scared and excited me. I had never done this type of work before and to me failure was not an option

Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Mary Jo Gorman

Lead Managing Partner of Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Startup Accelerator

It was pretty brazen to think that I could challenge the established conservative hierarchy at the hospital and win.

Being Brazen

Being Brazen with Holly Cunningham

President of Nourish and Hollyberry Baking and Catering Company

Good business is like a good marriage; you want to hold onto and remember the first feelings of falling in love so that when hard times come, those fe...