Tool Kit

How Do You Build Your Network?

Aimee Dunne, co-founder and COO at Brazen Global

As an entrepreneur, you’ve heard about the importance of networking. But how do you actually do it?


Letting Innovation Be Your Guide

President and Founder (AKA Flavor Temptress), Clementine's Naughty & Nice Creamery

Tamara Keefe once thought she would open a single ice cream shop, but today her innovations are changing the ice cream game at Clementine’s Naughty ...

Tamara Keefe

Using Experience and Expertise to Craft a Business Set for Success

Retta Leritz, Founder of Retta le Ritz

From the start, I am going to be more mindful of cash flow. I also am utilizing real metric systems to capture data - instead of just assuming things ...


Family Member’s Need Sparks Idea for Beauty App

Rica Elysee, Founder & CEO of BeautyLynk

I have been treated differently because I am a Black woman....It was hard at first to ignore, but now I use it as my power to move forward and be a ro...

Rica Elysee

Genuine Relationships important for Support, Exploration, & Accountability

Meridith Unger, Founder & CEO of Nix

If a new candidate can communicate with me with confidence and vulnerability at the same time, that's a great sign. This is more important to me than ...


People and Planning Over Profits

Lisa Nichols, CEO of Technology Partners

This is the only way to do business and build a business that is sustainable. If we cannot create a win-win-win, then we are not interested.


Be Fearless in Your Fundraising

Stephanie Leffler, CEO of OneSpace

The reality is that you might go and see ten potential investors and nine of them might not like your idea at all, but all you need is one. I believe ...


Fighting the Patriarchy

Author of Feminist Fight Club and New York Times contributing writer

Jessica Bennett, author of Feminist Fight Club, and New York Times contributing writer, was recently in St. Louis for the Women’s FoundationR...


Building a Team to Help Drive Success

Krista Clement, CEO of Helper Helper

The culture at Helper Helper is unique. Our team is dynamic so when we hire someone it's important for the team to feel that his/her values align with...


Everyone Has to Have the ‘Sparkle’

Tricia Zimmer Ferguson, Owner and President of Kaldi’s Coffee

It's more important to hire people who are culture fits even over skill set. There are a lot of people out there with every skill set, but not as many...


Healthcare Product Innovation for Parents and Babies

Agnes Scoville, Founder and CEO of AGGIE MD

I thought we would license Pacidose to a larger company. But then the sales and accolades started adding up, and I realized the potential for a whole ...


Beth Handrigan on the Importance of Networks and Date Nights

CEO of Lean Media

I am confident that I am raising two independent girls that have learned to solve problems on their own and that see the sky as the limit when it come...


Strategizing for Growth & Innovation with Alaina Macia

President and CEO of MTM, Inc. and Ride Right, LLC

We closely watch where the industry is heading. Innovation is key – if you aren’t evolving, you are dying.


Perseverance and Sincerity are Keys to Success

Talia Goldfarb, Owner of Myself Belts

An entrepreneur must always seek knowledge and expertise from others. Mentors, fellow business owners, books, blogs, etc. provide necessary wisdom in ...


Lessons on Success: When to Celebrate & When to Work Harder

Stephanie Feltus, Founder & CEO of My Robyn

Leaning on experts and being transparent with your issues gets you where you need to be faster.


Disrupting the Establishment

Jennifer Rosenblatt, CEO and Cofounder of MusicSpoke

Success is building a profitable, sustainable business that does good things for all of its stakeholders.