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Growth Groups:
The Peer Advisory Groups for Female Entrepreneurs

Bring your "I'm scared to deaths" and "I can't waits"
to a small group of sister CEOs every month.

Leave with concrete action items to move your business forward.

Brazen no longer offers a Membership program. If you are interested in joining Brazen, we hope you will form a Growth Group!

What is it? Growth Groups are peer advisory groups of 7-9 female entrepreneurs that meet monthly to present their greatest business challenges and work through solutions.

How do they work? Growth Group monthly meetings are held in-person and remotely, and use proprietary software to facilitate effective and focused sessions. 

How are Growth Groups different?  Growth Groups give you the chance to get real with your fellow female CEOs! Growth Groups are self-facilitated, so no one person has to run the meeting, and our software keeps you focused on business challenges and opportunities rather than chit chat. 

Is a Growth Group right for me?  If you are looking for a meaningful way to get down to business and work through challenges and opportunities you face with fellow female founders who understand you, then yes! You should be someone who is a founder, president or CEO of a for-profit or non-profit organization that is independently owned and managed.

How do I join a group?  Gather together 7-9 women entrepreneurs (including yourself!) who want to commit to being part of a monthly Growth Group. One participant will need to identify as point of contact for administrative purposes. You and other entrepreneurs you have in mind for your group are welcome to sign up for a demonstration to see how it all works – just click on the link below. We’ll guide you from there!

What is the cost?  Groups will pay the standard Growth Groups software fee billed quarterly per group (quarterly fees are non-refundable and individual payments are not accepted).