Power Hours


Get the Advice
You Need

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You can’t do it alone and
sometimes you need advice from a trusted expert. 

Brazen Members can schedule an appointment with an expert mentor in 
legal, accounting, marketing, IT/tech, finance or strategy every month.

What are Power Hours? Every month, Brazen Members have the opportunity to sign up for an appointment with a subject matter expert or mentor.  This is the perfect opportunity to sit at the table with experienced business owners and experts and ask questions, discuss strategy and plan for growth. 

Who are the experts? We offer appointments with legal, accounting, marketing and IT/tech experts every month. We also do special sessions with successful entrepreneurs to brainstorm strategy and investment experts so you can learn about raising capital. Experts are there to advise YOU, not to sell their services.

What can I expect in my session?  Power Hour appointments are 30-minutes of one-on-one time with you and the expert.  Brazen takes care of the scheduling and the location, so you can focus on your business questions. Open up your books, dive into the back-end of your site or ask about that legal matter that’s keeping you up at night.

How much does this cost? Experts usually cost me a fortune! Power Hours are included in your Brazen membership program. Yep, seriously.  
We ask for a refundable deposit to hold your appointment time, but that’s it.

How do I join?  Become a Brazen Member and schedule your time.

Check out the Calendar to see upcoming Power Hours appointments.