Meet a Brazen Member: Teresa Densmore

Teresa Densmore is a Team Brazen Member and the director of Art Restart, a social enterprise which provides opportunities for women experiencing poverty to transform their lives through the sales of their art.

Business Superpower

Do You Know Your Business Superpower?

What’s your superpower? What’s the magic that you bring to the table that makes your customers come back again and again? It turns out that your business superpower is your value proposition.

Tamara Keefe

Letting Innovation Be Your Guide

Tamara Keefe once thought she would open a single ice cream shop, but today her innovations are changing the ice cream game at Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery

Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Distribution

Women only represent 20% of the manufacturing workforce, but many entrepreneurs face manufacturing, supply chain and distribution challenges. The latest Brazen roundtable brought together experts to share what they’ve learned along the way.

Joy Kirven

Being Brazen with Joy Kirven

Tech CEO, Joy Kirven, tells us how the decision to attend one event changed her career path and kickstarted her entrepreneurial journey.

Is Retail Dead? No Way!

At an inspiring and engaging Roundtable, we heard relatable struggles AND success stories from two powerful and influential women entrepreneurs in the retail industry.

KT Speetzen

Being Brazen with KT Speetzen

Tenacity and daring to do things differently. KT Speetzen, of Mother Cluckers Comedy, LLC, tells us how she used these two “superpowers” to go from stay-at-home mom to CEO.  

Shayba Muhammad

Being Brazen with Shayba Muhammad

The entire competition process kept me on the edge with just the right amount of stress (the healthy kind that kicks you into action) and humbleness.

Market Research on a Budget

Market Research on a Budget

Ask the hard questions. And then listen to the answers…we guarantee you will feel more confident taking the next steps to pursue that market in earnest and grow this wonderful business of yours.

No More Excuses, It’s Time To Do Your Market Research

You may have convinced yourself that you don’t need to complete market research for a variety of reasons, and we’re here today to debunk them all and prove that investing some time into market research is a worthwhile investment in the success of your business.

When Inspiration Strikes

We checked in with a few bad ass boss ladies to find out the inspiration behind their business ideas.

GiG{a}BiT Rocks Founder

Meet Brazen Member: Katy Thomas

Katy Thomas is the founder of GiG{a}BiT Rocks, a tour planning platform for independent artists. It can be utilized for a “power weekend”, national, and even world-wide tours.

Sister CEO

Best Business Advice from your Sister CEOs

Maybe you already follow some of these pieces of advice, maybe you’ve heard some of them before, or maybe some are brand new, but we think learning from a network of other women entrepreneurs is invaluable in growing your own business.

Get Moving in the New Year

Entrepreneurs often have so many ideas that it’s difficult to pick one and get started. But the upside of that entrepreneurial spirit is that you are tenacious and driven towards your goal. So go for it!

Meet Brazen Member: Susan Stewart

Perfectly Placed provides professional organizing services that eliminate clutter and find the perfect place for everything in your home so you can focus on what matters most.

Female office worker

Tips For Closing Out Your Year

Accounting expert Lynnae Robinson weighs in with some habits to adapt and tips to remembers that make your end of year accounting (and tax season!) so much easier.

People and Planning Over Profits

This is the only way to do business and build a business that is sustainable. If we cannot create a win-win-win, then we are not interested.

Be Fearless in Your Fundraising

The reality is that you might go and see ten potential investors and nine of them might not like your idea at all, but all you need is one. I believe that just about any idea can be sold with the right amount of confidence.

So You Think You’re Not Tech?

So you think you’re not “tech?” Think again! Brazen Members has the opportunity to meet and speak with Lisa Nichols of Technology Partners, who debunked some tech myths and demystified some intimidating aspects of technology.

Fighting the Patriarchy

Jessica Bennett, author of Feminist Fight Club, and New York Times contributing writer, was recently in St. Louis for the Women’s Foundation’s annual Making a

Being Brazen with Kelly O’Malley

It didn’t feel like work. I was building a brand and an organization exactly how I envisioned it. I took the best of the three organizations I had worked for and left the rest.